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Saftey systems

Centraline di sicurezza
Devices to improve process productivity, guaranteeing operator safety, reducing the risk of unexpected stops and injuries.
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Optic Devices

Sistemi di misura e tempo di volo
Photoelectric devices, camera, laser, with triangulation, time of flight to verify the presence/non-presence of objects, to measure it, to identify it, through a light source.
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sensori a ultrasuono UM18
Devices to observe and quantifying physical phenomenon, and to transform it into measurable signals.
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Switchboards and automations for machines

Quadristica bordomacchina PLC e HMI
Electronic and electromechanical components for operating devices and human machine interface.
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Motion Control

Motion control: soft starter
Devices for handling, positioning and moving of objects from one point to another, while monitoring the process.
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Building automation and Energy management

Analizzatori di rete - strumenti di misura
Devices for intelligent energy management in industrial and building installations, home automations, fieldbus for remote control and simplified wiring.
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