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Switchboards and automations for machines

Electronic and electromechanical components for operating devices and human machine interface.


PLC, programmable devices for controlling machine functions or production lines

Human Machine Interface, graphical interface devices between PLC and operator, to view and operate on process information.

Solid state and electromechanical relays

Solid state power semiconductors relays. Electromechanical relays.
Interface relays

Electric and motors protections relays

Devices for monitoring electrical parameters of motors and systems: voltage, current, frequency, sequence and phase loss, pump protection relays.

Timers and counters

Devices to check time and count of analogue/digital control devices.

Power suppliers and transformers

AC/DC power supply devices To supply electronics devices with stabilized and constant voltage

Electrical panels for automation and distribution of energy

Electrical panels and boxes, in plastic and metal material, for electrical and electronic components.

Control circuit devices

Push buttons, selectors, light indicators, joy stick manipulators, columns and light indicators, limit switches and micro switches.
To show the status and to control the operation of machines and systems.

Switches, motor protectors, contactors for automation and distribution

Control and protection devices for motors and systems.

Digital and analog indicators

Panel-mounted measuring instruments and digital indicators for displaying and controlling electrical and process variables.

Terminals, Connectivity and Networking

Wiring devices for connecting electrical signals and power